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Recruitment requirements and responsibilities of Shandong Ocean Shengjing Fishery Technology Co., Ltd.
Office Director: One person is recruited
1. Administrative work experience is required, familiar with office administrative work knowledge and procedures, proficient in office software such as office, good writing skills, able to assist leaders in drafting resolutions, reports, rules and regulations, familiar with the norms and formats of official document writing, and familiar with recruiting Business related to bidding documents.
2. Have strong organizational skills, communication and coordination skills, and expression skills. Flexible and serious work, strong sense of responsibility,
3. Proficient in administrative management, familiar with administrative work such as conference organization and file management.
4. Assist leaders in further optimizing and reforming the logistics system.
CAD drafting staff: recruit two to three people
1. Proficiency in Office software, CAD and PS and other related drawing software.
2. Love your job, active thinking, good communication and organization and coordination skills; a high sense of responsibility, able to withstand certain work pressures.
3. Strong learning ability, love design work, and innovative spirit.
4. Cooperate with the designer to complete the design deepening and cooperate with the team members to complete the construction drawing.
5. Standardize the drawing work of drawings, do self-inspection work before drawing to ensure the quality of drawings; obey and complete various tasks arranged by superiors.
Budget staff: one person will be recruited
1. Make parts list and price report according to the design plan, use office software proficiently, and be able to assist finance in cost accounting.
2. Be able to make a timely and accurate budget during the project bidding stage, and provide a basis for quotation. Participate in bidding documents, preparation of bids and contract review, collect cost data of various engineering projects, and provide basis for bidding
3. Patience, meticulousness, strong learning ability and innovative spirit.
4. Able to complete the relevant work tasks arranged by the company's leaders in time.
Office clerk and customer service: One person is recruited, and females are required
1. Have a certain amount of administrative back office work experience, as well as product exhibition exhibition experience.
2. Responsible for staff attendance and out-of-office personnel management, data, document sorting, archiving, etc.
3. Proficiency in using office software such as OFFICE.
4. Work carefully and earnestly, with strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
5. Under special circumstances, it is necessary to assist other functional areas of the department to complete related tasks.
6. Putonghua standard, can assist the sales department to do a good job of receiving customers.
Marketing Minister
1. Responsible for the overall work of the sales business in a certain area of ​​the product, including market development and maintenance, management of accounts receivable, and after-sales service. Can adapt to the nature of work abroad.
2. According to the marketing plan, complete departmental sales targets.
3. Promote timely, open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase sales scope.
4. Have a good legal awareness and legal knowledge base, and be able to make contract documents proficiently.
Safekeeping and quality inspector
1. Complete the acceptance, accounting and distribution of materials and equipment in and out of the warehouse in accordance with the regulations, and ensure that the accounts are consistent.
2. Keep abreast of the inventory status, ensure timely supply of materials and equipment, and give full play to the efficiency of turnover. Clean up the warehouse regularly to keep the warehouse neat and beautiful, so that the materials and equipment are sorted, stored neatly, and the quantity is accurate
3. Familiar with the varieties, specifications, models and performance of the corresponding materials and equipment, fill in clearly.
4. Do a good job in the safety management of the warehouse, check the fire prevention and anti-theft facilities of the warehouse, and plug the loopholes in time.
5. Do a good job of quality inspection of the products while the products are in the warehouse, and random inspections during the production process.
Sales clerk
1. Cooperate with the marketing director to do a good job in product sales, new market development and customer maintenance.
2. Conscientiously implement the company's sales regulations, improve their own business level, and actively complete the prescribed or promised sales plan.
3. Familiar with the making and signing of the contract, supervise the normal performance of the contract, drew the debts receivable, etc.
4. Put the company's interests first, abide by the company system, and comply with national laws.
5. A C1 or above driving license is required, and the actual driving experience is more than three years.
6. Priority for majors in international trade.
1. Conscientiously implement the company's procurement management regulations and implementation rules, strictly follow the procurement plan to purchase, be timely and applicable, and reasonably reduce the backlog of materials and procurement costs. For the purchased items, the tickets are complete, the tickets are consistent, and the accounts are reported in a timely manner.
2. Familiar with and master the market conditions, shop around according to the principle of "high quality and low price", and purchase the best. Pay attention to the collection of market information, and timely feed back market prices and related information to department leaders. Reasonably arrange the order of procurement. For materials that are in short supply and need long-distance procurement, the procurement plan should be arranged in advance to purchase in time.
3. Strictly control the quality of procurement, select samples of materials for the use department to review and order samples, and purchase bulk materials must be accompanied by a warranty certificate and after-sales service contract. Actively assist the relevant departments to properly solve the problems that may arise during the use process.
4. Strengthen the cooperation with the acceptance and storage personnel, and have the responsibility to provide effective storage methods to prevent damages due to improper storage.
5. Be patient, meticulous, take the company's interests as the core, and abide by the company's rules and regulations to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the leadership.
1. Familiar with the relevant knowledge of plastic products, familiar with the process flow and related technical parameters of extrusion and injection molding.
2. Assist in daily communication and information transfer between business and customers. Make orders and track sample production.
3. Assist in order processing, order confirmation, instruction transmission, follow-up implementation, etc.
4. Track the production progress, be able to independently deal with various problems at work, have strong adaptability, and be able to maintain good communication skills with the factory and customers; coordinate matters between the factory and customers.
5. Follow up the production delivery date and quality control inspection to ensure timely and quality delivery.
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. Can adapt to business trips and work abroad.
7. A driver's license of C1 or above is required, and the actual driving experience is more than three years. B certificate or above is preferred.
Production and installation personnel The number of recruits is five to ten
1. Plastic extrusion and injection molding machine operators.
2. Mold design and maintenance personnel.
3. Workshop production and installation personnel who go out.
Note: Except for female customer service requirements, there is no gender restriction for other positions, both men and women, with a technical secondary school or above is preferred, marine and related positions are preferred, and related positions are preferred. The company's probation period is one month. After the probation period expires, both parties sign a formal labor contract and pay insurance. Remuneration packages are interviewed according to different positions.
This recruitment is valid for two months.







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